Free Summer Class and Participant Accolades

Thanks for a productive and lovely first “school year!” The Living Room Workshops will go on hiatus for the summer but Corinne is offering a free one day class. 

Writing With A Voice: A Generative workshop

To enroll please email

Saturday July 27th, 1-2:30

Instructor: Corinne Manning in Capitol Hill

Investment: Emotion, dedication, and drive

In this generative class we will get noisy and explore what it means for what is on the page to have a sound as distinct as what travels along our vocal chords. Class time will include lots of writing and some reading. 

And finally here are some celebrations for current Living Room Workshop students. 

  • Taylor was accepted into Columbia University’s Teaching College and will be starting in the fall.
  • Cecily was accepted to the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference and will be working on her memoir. She also recently won her first Slam.
  • A student is working on a manuscript (a follow up to another beautiful book) that’s being considered for publication. 
  • Casey and Kathleen will perform at BOOST: Poetry to Uplift your Spirits at Hugo House on Friday, May 31. 

 Fall classes will post in July. In the mean time, may your writing or your desire for it continue to conquer like blackberry. 

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