Fall Classes 2013

Registration for fall writing workshops is now closed but stay tuned for winter workshops. If you’d like to join the mailing list email me at corinne.manning@gmail.com


It’s time for fall classes!

To enroll please email corinne.manning@gmail.com


Healing Narratives: Nonfiction Class (Full)

Mondays: October 28-November 25 7-9pm

Location: Capitol Hill

Cost: Corinne Manning

Cost: $180

Maybe you went on a road trip and figured it all out, or had a psychic tell you to take care of your feet, or survived, or learned to use your loss in a new way. In this safe space we will use methods that explore the outlying regions of our memories. Through numerous exercises we will learn to stay present with our memory and allow it to transform from experience to narrative. Our goal will be to create narratives that heal the reader as purely as it healed the writer. There will be in class exercises and some out of class explorations. Outside reading will include selections from narratives of healing:  “Waking” by Matthew Sanford, “Heaven’s Coast” by Mark Doty, “Under the Influence” by Scott Russel Sanders and others. This class is open to all genders.

Note: Accessibility is limited due to four flights of stairs and no elevator.

Fiction Workshop: On Compassion (Full)

Tuesdays: September 24- October 22 7-9 pm

Location: Capitol Hill

Instructor: Corinne Manning

Cost: $180

This workshop style class will explore the role of compassion in fiction. As writers, in order to create compelling stories and characters there is requirement of compassion so that we can appropriately write and reach even the most surly complicated characters. This is an excellent opportunity to get feedback on short stories or novel chapters as each participant will get to share work in workshop twice. Outside reading will include writers such as James Baldwin, Joan Silber, and Mary Gaitskill.

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