Spring Writing

I spent the morning hauling in firewood (my house is still a bit cold) and I heard thunder in the distance. Clearly, it’s spring.

During the spring, rather than offer traditional writing classes, I offer more sessions of Fanning the Flame– a one on one 4 week course. Please see below. Email me with questions or to enroll corinne.manning@gmail.com

Fanning the Flame: One on One Course

Rolling dates, 4 weeks

Cost: $200

Instructor: Corinne Manning

This is a build your own course that you and I co-create together. There are two, hour long, in person meetings at the beginning and the end of the session, and writing assignments and reading are established to best fit the needs of the individual student. This is a great launching off point for those looking to find their voice and is also a powerful option for those needing to fan the flame of your own writing process.

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