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Classes in March and April and May

If you are interested in enrolling in any classes or have any questions please write to Corinne at corinne.manning@gmail.com. Scholarships are available.

Multi week Classes

Five Courses: A Multi Genre class

Instructor: Kate Lebo in Ballard ← New Instructor!

Wednesdays 7-9 pm

May 8- June 5

5 weeks–$205 cost includes class text

Food is personal. Food is universal. Food is never just about food. Who knows that better than a bunch of hungry writers? For five weeks (one course a week, so to speak), we’ll use what we grow, cook, and eat to find new routes into an everlasting meal of poems and non-fiction pieces. We’ll find the sweet spot where public and private lives collide in the kitchen, explore the synesthetic impatience of wanting to eat a tulip or lick a Rothko, and discover the secret to packing a fat little blackberry so full of metaphor it can carry the weight of an entire being. Expect to read a little, write a lot, and leave this class hungry for more. Class price also includes the class text, Hungry Ear, which will be distributed on the first day of class.

Fearless Pages

Instructor: Evan J. Peterson in Greenwood ← New Instructor!

Tuesdays 7-9 pm

May 14- June 4

4 weeks–$150

In this generative workshop, open to writers of prose, poetry and hybrid genres, we create the space where you can write the things you haven’t allowed yourself to write before. Too personal? Too bizarre? Downright nasty? Bring it on. We will begin the process of breaking down our blocks and filters by encountering writing that blasts the image onto the page and challenges convention.

One Day Classes

Writing Fiction like a Mystic

One Day Class: $50

Saturday April 6

1-4 pm

Instructor: Corinne Manning in Capitol Hill

Fiction writers make up stories right? Yet somehow, we find our own story in them, somehow, these stories reveal truth. Alice Walker referred to herself as a Medium at the end of her novel the Color Purple. Many fiction writers either share this sentiment or have less esoteric terms for the same sensation—of embodying and telling the lives and stories of people that may or may not exist. In this one-day workshop we will play with different writing exercises to tap into the source of where these stories come from and bring voices to life.

Improvised Writing

One Day Class: $50

Saturday April 13

1-4 pm

Instructor: Kathleen Nacozy in the Central District ← New Instructor!

In this workshop we will use improvisation techniques to rouse our innate writing voices. Captivating words seem spontaneous yet purposeful, whether the words are improvised or painstakingly construced. As writers, we tend to over-edit and squelch our process. Even a short practice of improvisation can help writers renew focus. It’s also incredible fun. This workshop is designed for writers of written and spoken word.

 Full or Postponed

Tell it True: A nonfiction workshop  Class Full

March 18- April 22

Mondays 7-9 pm

6 weeks—$215

Instructor: Corinne Manning in Capitol Hill

What does it mean to consider an issue or tell stories that are authentic to our own voices? In this workshop we will explore the best way to tell truth within the form of the essay. We will look at personal, braided and lyric essays side by side, sometimes blending genres in order to give our essays the power to fully come into being. Each student will have the opportunity to workshop two essays of any form of their choosing.

Eco-Poetics: Poems to Save the World Class postponed to Summer

Instructor: Janie Miller in Capitol Hill

Tuesdays 7-9 pm

March 26-April 30

6 weeks—$215

I’m interested in the dash between eco and poetics, resting like a magnet between the study of ecology and the concerns of poetry. There’s room for magic in that dash, a space for poetry to give voice to all that is alive and mysterious in the nonhuman world. This is a critical time for the planet, and in this 6-week class we will study Eco-Poetics through conscientious reading and explorative writing. We will become witnesses to the ever-evolving land and its creatures. We will concentrate on poetic techniques to help release the magic in your lines. Several classes will be taught “plein air” style, taking our writing to several sacred areas of Seattle, other classes will meet traditionally. Classes begin just after Spring Equinox, Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm, March 26 – April 30.

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