For Fanning the Flame:

I first heard of Corinne Manning from a very casual conversation with a very casual friend, and I could not be more grateful her name stuck. I was at a point in my novel-writing process where I could not see land on either side: I couldn’t call it and turn back around, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, see where to go. At that point, Corinne’s belief in my manuscript was everything. She fell in love with my characters and articulated that love with the kind of tender specificity that makes you forget you invented these people and convinces you that each one of them matters. Perhaps the magic in that is that you are every one of your characters, and Corinne convinces you that you as a writer matter. As a queer writer of color, I was lucky to find in her an editor who looked at my deeply personal, constructed world through the lens of her own queer experience and a strong race/class/gender analysis. While many talented writers and readers have cheered me on through the slog, I affectionately call Corinne my book doula. I could not have birthed this stubborn, wailing, miraculous story without her. Anis Gisele

I had a project that I wanted to work on but the whole idea was so huge and overwhelming that I had no idea where to start. Working with Corinne individually calmed my panic and gave me the direction and accountability I needed. Corinne also encouraged me to attempt projects I would have been too insecure to try on my own like pitching a story to the Moth podcast. She has without a doubt expanded my creative process and I can see a difference in the work I am producing. I could not have tackled this project with out the one on one help from Corinne. Jessica Cashman, Psychology for Women

“As a new writer, I did not know what to expect. I was both excited and anxious over the whole process but thrilled at the results. Throughout the Fanning the Flame process, I received positive feedback, encouraging instruction, and even saw myself develop as a writer. Kudos to Corinne and all that she does for aspiring writers.” – S. Meredith

“Corinne is a brilliant writer and mentor. She has helped me find voice to a dream I have forgotten and felt insecure to birth into the unpredictable world. I find her to be insightful, tender, and passionate as a mentor. She is gifted. I trust her with my work.” -Y. Lee

For Healing Narratives

“The safest, most welcoming writing environment I have ever experienced. Corinne’s keen ear, probing curiosity, organization, and knowledge maker her a skillful as well as delightful instructor.” –CG

“Corinne provides a relaxing, welcoming and safe space in which to explore writing memories, or rewriting, them. I appreciated her support within, and outside of, this environment, and eventually felt confident in my abilities to improve and explore on my own. Corrinne focuses on giving tools to become successful independently, and classtime was valuable in order to learn those tools.” –TO

“[Writing Trauma] provided and opportunity to get to know and befriend aspects of my lived experience in unexpected freeing ways. This came about as writing strategies Corinne introduced opened a deeper relationship to my story. Her gentle yet sturdy guidance resulted in discovery of new layers, connections, perceptions, contours, and truths in relation to what I thought I grasped so well. A range of helpful readings assisted in this process. As a result of this class I’ve gained entry into what before was unavailable.  And I feel a firmer sense of freedom, intention, and “authorship” in relation to utterance.”– JF

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